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The first types of boats built were often made from woven sticks covered with animal or sealskins.
Over the centuries the use of tools and the weaving of cloth for these simple craft developed and most are now made from split or sawn timber, covered with woven cotton or flax and water proofed with tar.
Such boats are still built and in use all over the globe -today they are typically used for fishing, transport and to link settlements.
Coracles, curraghs, kayaks and canoes are built from locally sourced materials using skills, which are relatively easily learnt.
There is a growing interest in building and using replicas of these ethnic craft. Building and paddling, rowing or sailing these boats develop skills and promote social interactivity, using these boats is good exercise and gives a sense well-being and safety, they are a link back to our early ancestors and great fun!



We have developed a kit boat for home build  - an open type canoe, wooden framed covered in flax fabric - unique to us - and covered with a UV curing linseed oil resin - the ideal boat to develop from a coracle - go to our website for more information: www.flaxland.co.uk/boats.

We have completed our third Irish Curragh which we have now used extensively.

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Watch us rowing at Clovelly on YouTube






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